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1)  All =Sw= memberst are to treat all other =Sw= members, and non =Sw= members with respect.
   1a)  Respect is, but not limited to: racial slures, name calling, using foul language aginst another person.
2) All =Sw= members are to show up to all required practices. If you plan on not showing up to practice you must give the clan leader 24hr notice prior to the practice.
3) All =Sw= members are required to show up to all clan matches. If you plan on not showing up to a clan match you must give the clan leader 48hr notice prior to the match.
4) All members not active (as determend by the leader) will be droped from =Sw= for inactivity. If you are droped for inactivity you will recive an e-mail explaining the process.
   4a) If you plan on being gone/inactive for a while you need to contact the clan leader so he/she will not mistake you to be inactive.