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Hello, and thank you for joining =Sw=  You have made an exilent choice in chosing to become part of the =Sw= family. As a new member you will be tested to see what level your are at and what skills you need to work on. Remember that we are here to help each other, and judje someone because of their skill level.  Also as a new member you will be on probation for 5 days of being acepted into =Sw=  Don't worry, all new members start out on probation.  New members start out on probation to make sure we have someone that is commited to the team and will not cause problems.  For moreinformation on probation and other rules makesure to check out the member rules section of this site.  If you ever have any questoins, comments, or problems please let me know at
Best Regaurds,
=Sw= SkullHockey3 (Ldr)

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