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Samurai Warriors
Admin Test


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Below is a form to see what you would do if you wher in that situation. Remember When your an ADMIN you have access to Kick but Not Ban.
When you are a bord Moderator you can delete the thread, message, or ban the user.
REMEMBER: this is just to see how you would react to a situation. This test dose NOT mean you will become an admin/Bord Moderator,but maybe ;)

Member Name
How Often Are you on a Day?
How Many Days A Week Are You On?
You are an ADMIN on the =Sw= Server. Describe what you would do. a person (bob) is blocking the spawn door with a SG/dispensor. What action(s) would you take?
You are a Board Moderator. A person (Dave) post a message about how much =Sw= sucks. What action(s) and/or respons will you take?
Your an ADMIN on the =Sw= Server. One of the rules of the server states that anyone using foul language can be kick. A person (lisa) said: "fuck you!" what do you do?